Add funny thought bubbles to photos of yourself or your pets, family or friends.

  • Choose from photo gallery or take photo / selfie
  • App automatically adds bubble above person's face‚Äč
  • Type fun thought text in bubble
  • Drag and resize bubble
  • Dragging bubble onto someones face will attach bubble to it
  • Smart bubbles avoid covering faces and other bubbles
  • Smart bubbles shrink text as you type more
  • Tap on person's face to add another bubble
  • You can even drag the mini bubbles separately
  • Share with iMessage
  • Save to your Photo Gallery
  • No login
  • This is a simple fun free app with cool bubble placement smarts built in
  • This app was written in Swift 3 as an iMessage app

Questions or Support email: hamilton@imagical.co








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Demo Video