• Email with your question, feedback or to report an issue
  • Alternatively,  shake the phone while the app is running and you will be prompted for your input and screen shot 
  • Check out the User Tips below as they may instantly answer your question 





  • iPhone 4 or later running iOS 7 or later

Getting Started:

  • For best results choose a colorful photo
  • Type your short text message
  • Enter multiline text by continuing to type OR control where the new line occurs by tapping Enter
  • You can type using international keyboards (note, only the built-in Apple keyboards have been tested)
  • You can use emotes 

Text Placement & Coloring:

  • Text is automatically placed in the best location with the best color that the app can find
  • Drag to move the text (the color of the text will update as you drag the text to always show the best color)
  • Notice the other good text locations show up semi transparent
  • You can drag your text onto them and they will snap to them
  • Tap the text to edit it
  • Pinch to rotate and resize the text
  • Choose from recommended colors. The bottom row is the general color and the top row is different hues of that color
  • To add more than one text message to an image.  Add the first text message, under Share click Save, then tap the back button and select the photo you just saved with the text, then add the second text message. 


  • Select from a variety of unique fonts
  • The bottom font row is the style of font such as Large Block, Serif, San Serif, All Caps, Handwritten
  • The upper row are choices within that style
  • Additional fonts suitable for Chinese and Japanese will appear when using an asian keyboard


  • Crop freely or use the presets
  • Built-in presets for Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and profile pictures
  • If you do not crop for Snapchat, the entire photo will be shrunk to fit

Photo Sharing:

  • You can share with the following applications if they are installed: 
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, SnapChat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Instagram, iCloud, Email, Pinterest, ...
  • If you have one of these applications installed but do not see it in the sharing menu then select the "..." choice and scroll down to enable that sharing option
  • Photos with text will not automatically save to the Photo Gallery
  • You can save the photo with and without the text to your photo gallery
  • Add the hashtag #captionmagic when sharing on Instagram for a chance to be featured