CaptionMagic - add harmonious color captions to your photos (FREE)


Automatically finds the best caption colors & positions

Readable by all major forms of color blindness

Updates best text color when dragging text

Rotate, resize, drag and edit text with gestures (pinch, swipe, tap, etc.)

Automatically adds text background effect for improved readability as needed

Change text effects to a background bar, blur, outline, etc...

Automatically enhances photo colors, contrast, skin tones and reduces red-eye

Select from fun and interesting fonts

Crop freely or using presets for Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc...

Share via popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line,  iCloud, etc...

Create multiline text (auto wrap or use the return key)



NO watermark

NO registration, login or personally identifiable information stored

We do not upload your photos to our servers

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Create Stunning Captions Quickly


Automatically finds the best colors &

positions for your captions on your photos


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Photo Caption Magic - Create Stunning Captions on Photos
CaptionMagic iPhone app adds amazing looking text and captions to any photos. Automatically finds the best colors & positions for your captions.