ImagicTextTM - add harmonious color text to your photos.


• Recommends good looking text colors and locations

• Readable by all major forms of color blindness

• Customize text font, color, position, size and contrast

• Select from fun and interesting fonts

• Use cropping presets for Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ...
• Tightly integrated with popular sharing apps

 Send multiline text (auto wrap or use the return key)
• Rotate, resize, drag and edit text with gestures (pinch, swipe etc.)
• Change the text background contrast effect


• NO registration or login
• NO personally identifiable information stored
• We do not upload your photos to our servers
• For support shake the phone to send us feedback or report an issue. Alternatively: email
• Note: to enable Snapchat sharing you may have to go to the "..." menu after tapping Share and enable it.

• Readable by all major forms of color blindness

Create Better Looking Photo Messages


Magically finds the best location & color for your text message on your photo



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